Lake Okeechobee Largemouth Bass charters with Capt Brian

Lake Okeechobee Largemouth Bass charters

Hi everyone this is your Lake Okeechobee Largemouth Bass charters with Capt Brian. I was out of the North end had a 6 hour trip with Daniel and Wanda we went out of Gerards stopped and got ourselves 6 dozen shiners, and we headed South, and put in just to get a different look at the lake and try some different areas that I have not been to here in a couple months and we got down there and we started out pretty quick Wanda started us out with a 4 pounder and we had three other really quick catches. it slowed down a little bit we started watching the other people around us and it kind of crowded down there and wasn’t nothing real great, so we started moving around just picking here picking they’re looking at different stuff, and it seems like every where we stopped we would catch three or four Fish and things will slow down so we would go to another spot and by the end of the day I think we put probably 25 30 fish at the end of the day and you know just kept moving and doing what you can to to find some fish after they slow down and go, man What a wonderful day they they came down from Tennessee, and they’re getting all that rain and storms up there and they have a nice little vacation to come down and get some beautiful weather and just sit in the boat and just watch the birds and Enjoy what the good Lord’s given up here on Lake Okeechobee and even got to spend about 45 minutes with a manatee that that came by and hung out with us and let us pat him he was pretty cool. So it was a great day on the water all the way around and looking forward to the next trip, we have a another 8 hour trip down there tomorrow. So anybody That’s looking to come down and enjoy nature and enjoy the great Lake Okeechobee give us a call here at bassonline, and we can hook you up with the trip of a lifetime this has been your Lake Okeechobee Largemouth Bass charters with Capt Brian looking forward to stretch some line with you.