Fall Transition Period Time Now in Orlando

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Fall Transition Period Time Now in Orlando

Hello all, Captain Tony Summers here come to you from West Orlando, on the south end of The Harris Chain of lakes.

Another beautiful day here in Florida, just a beautiful morning. With nice afternoon showers, about every day.  Another tough day we had today,  just one of those days we call fishing and not to much catching…lol. It just all part of the fall transition period time now, the temperature changing, the air temp, the water temperature in the everything’s sort of in a transition period towards fall and in the winter. So, it kinda sets back to fish their metabolism and there eating habits. It slows down everything little bit, but needless to say we had a great time today with my buddy and repeat customer Scott Sims and his buddy Tom.

Down for a conference here in Orlando, had a great time on the boat. had a lot of bites, but fish were biting real finicky. We weren’t able to get to many in the boat today, had a lot of fun, great day on the water. Just one of those days where fish were transitioning in the Fall and things are starting to change. On the brighter side, that change also brings in fresh life into the water. As these bait fish start moving in shall it also brings a lot of these better predatory large-mouth. These are the fish feeding on all of these shad and bait fish this season coming up in this Fall season gonna be one to get a hold of to get out on the water and start fishing. It’s gonna be good based on the way baits looking right now, baits healthy, baits moving the bait pods are real thick right now and starting to move in real shallow.

It will take a couple of weeks her in Orlando and around Central Florida once everything gets settled and gets in to Fall season it going to kick off real nice.  .

Look forward to seeing you guys coming out there…Til next time, fish-on!

Capt Tony Summers